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Only joking! It’s an April Fools!


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Those hoping to discover that we’d been the first insurer to cover musicians against the horror of unenthusiastic fans will no doubt be disappointed to find out that, in the spirit of April Fools’ day, we were just kidding. But musicians shouldn’t be fooled into thinking the modern day musician can manage without the reassurance of a robust insurance policy.

In that regard, Insure4Music offers plenty of alternative insurance cover options to guard musicians against future disappointment. No joke!

Take for example our equipment cover for theft, loss and accidental damage of your instrument, or loss of earnings cover for when you aren’t able to engage in or attend your usual profession, business or occupation following an accident.

We also offer Public Liability cover, which protects you for legal liability if you injure another person or damage third party property when performing or teaching.

Personal accident cover is also available to compensate you if you are involved in a serious accident during a performance, and worldwide cover ensures you can benefit from your insurance policy on tour in a foreign country.

For tailored music insurance policies, look no further than Insure4Music.

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