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Why Do Private Music Teachers Need Insurance?

Teaching adults or children how to play a musical instrument can be a very a rewarding exercise for professional musicians. Not only is it satisfying to see students improve, but teaching is said to help consolidate your own knowledge and playing skills too.

However, as a private music teacher, it’s important to prepare for your lessons correctly and that includes taking out the appropriate insurance cover.
Here are four reasons why private music teachers need insurance.

1) Public Liability insurance

If you conduct lessons in your own home, visit students’ homes or use a hired space, then Public Liability insurance is vital. This will cover you in the event of damage to third-party property or a student injuring themselves while they’re having a lesson.

2) Professional Indemnity insurance

Professional Indemnity Cover is also useful for private music teachers. If you are deemed to have given negligent advice, it’s there to help cover the cost of defending a claim made against you.

3) Instrument insurance

As a music teacher, your instruments are central to your business. To ensure you’re protected from the financial penalty of an accident or incident that affects your instruments, it’s important you have Music Equipment cover. This is especially true if your students use one of your instruments whilst you are with them or if you have to transport them regularly. Equipment insurance will ensure that you’re protected if your instruments and accessories are stolen from your home, while you’re out and about, or if they’re lost or suffer accidental or malicious damage.

4) Presenting a professional image

Ensuring you have the appropriate insurance cover in place displays a level of professionalism and helps clients feel reassured that they are using the services of someone responsible.

Private music teacher’s insurance

Insure4Music offers Music Liability cover which includes both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover. Insure4Music’s policies are also flexible so that Music Equipment Cover can also be added to your policy with or without Music Liability cover. Get a quote today for tailor-made music teacher insurance.

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