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The 5 Coolest New DJ Gadgets

Let’s face it, DJs get the coolest toys. Guitarists get pedals and amps, vocalists get microphones and (occasionally) Auto-Tune. DJ gadgets, however, include watches, headphones, decks, lighting, speakers and tons more.

1) Lofelt Basslet – £179

DJ Gadgets

Image credit: Lofelt

The phrase ‘feel the bass’ gets thrown around a lot, particularly at raves and clubs, but this is the first time you can say it and truly mean it.

The Basslet is a watch-sized and shaped subwoofer that transmits the sensation of the bass directly to you – so you can actually ‘feel’ it, rather than just hear it. While most are using it with their phone or iPod – it could clearly be a chance for DJs to open up a whole new avenue of mixing. Syncing up tracks on the fly by ‘feeling’ the bass beat? Now that’s cool.

2) Roland GO:MIXER – £85

DJ Gadgets

Image credit: Roland

If you’re a DJ that likes to add your own beats, bass lines or vocals to a track – the Roland GO:MIXER is a dream come true. It’s a small, rounded square mixer that allows you to perform, mix and record all at the same time – exactly what good DJ gadgets should do.

What’s more, you can add up to five outputs – so you can create a track from scratch by adding a backing track or drum machine to one of the stereo line-level device outputs. Building a track from one mixer about the size of a mobile phone? The future is here, and it’s fantastic.

3) Pioneer DJ PLX-500 – £299

DJ Gadgets

Image credit: Pioneer

For all you turntable DJs out there who had their eye on the standout Pioneer PLX-1000 but couldn’t afford its high-end price tag, help is at hand. The company synonymous with the best decks in the world have now released a ‘budget’ version that feels anything but.

The Pioneer PLX-500 comes with all the features you’d expect of a good mid-range turntable: vibration damping, USB out and plenty of torque. Some have questioned its stability and slower pickup speeds, but for sub-£300 – it’s a dream piece of kit. Need to replace the turntable-shaped hole in your life at the right price? Look no further.

4) Kam Cluster FX-Bar – £139

DJ Gadgets

Image credit: Kam

With all of the work that goes into a mobile DJ set – the decks, the MIDI controller, the hundreds of playlists – it can sometimes be easy to forget about the lighting. Thankfully, there’s a brand new and incredibly affordable solution – the Kam Cluster FX-Bar.

Rather than having to squeeze several lights into your car or van, this handy bundle provides an all-in-one set that includes two red and green cluster laser lights, two multicolour LED Par Cans, a controller bar, stand and wireless remote – all contained within one simple carry bag. If you have to dash to a gig, it could be a lifesaver.

5) Z-Jay Tablet – £TBC

DJ Gadgets

Image credit: Z-Jay

It may still be in the crowdfunding stage and not yet fully released, but we think the Z-Jay tablet is such a game-changing DJ gadget that we just had to share it.

Essentially, it’s your classic DJ combination of two decks and a mixer – but replicated entirely on three linked touchscreen tablets. That’s right, one integrated system and one inter-linked device. Built-in speakers, Bluetooth, effects package, 25GB storage and even a built-in sampler mean you can take it anywhere and connect all your usual extras thanks to two aux-in ports – but it can also work as a stand-alone device if necessary.

Versatile technology is exactly what DJs need the most, and the Z-Jay tablet seems to combine portability with functionality for the ultimate DJ gadget.

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