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Insure4Music’s Halloween party playlist

To some, Halloween might seem like a gimmicky annual celebration involving children in fancy dress asking for sweets – but it’s also responsible for some excellent music. In fact, the themes and characters associated with Halloween are central to some of the greatest songs ever written.

So, whether you’re a DJ deciding which songs to play this weekend, or getting dressed up for a party, here is Insure4Music’s ‘spooktacular’ Halloween playlist. We’ve tried to cater to as many musical tastes as possible, so if Marilyn Manson or Rihanna really aren’t your vibe, fear not – there are plenty more tracks to choose from!

If you’re DJ’ing at a Halloween party – don’t forget to take Insure4Music’s DJ insurance with you to avoid spooky surprises such as loss, theft, injury or damage. Get an instant online quote with Insure4Music today and make sure you never miss a show.

*Image credit: Time Out


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