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Exclusive Q+A with Microlight: Why All Unsigned Bands Need Specialist Insurance

Recently, Insure4Music invited cover band Microlight’s frontman, Matt Doble to the hot seat for an exclusive interview about the band and why specialist music insurance is essential for unsigned musicians. Stay tuned for their exclusive interview… Hi Matt, can you give us a bit of a background on the band? We’re a five-piece cover band…

Rock-upational Hazards: Infamous Injuries Suffered By Musicians

Being a rock’n’roll star can be a dangerous business as these eye-wateringly painful accidents prove Falling guitars During Nirvana’s 1992 TV performance of ‘Lithium’ on MTV (studio bosses had unsurprisingly vetoed ‘Rape Me’, Kurt Cobain’s first choice) Krist Novoselic engaged in some on-stage showmanship, throwing his bass guitar into the air. The plan, presumably, was…

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