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If you are in need of a insurance policy that protects your brass instruments from theft, loss and damage, look no further than Insure4music. Our policies have been created with musicians in mind and protect your instrument at all times. Get peace of mind today with policies starting from just £25 a year

Brass instrument insurance

Here at Insure4Music we understand how important your brass instrument is to you, and regardless of whether you are a casual or professional player how devastating it could be if you were to suffer the theft, loss or any accidental damage to your instrument.

With this in mind we have created brass instrument insurance policies which insure against theft, loss and damage whilst you are at home or out and about, and with our international cover; wherever you are in the world.

If your brass instrument is stolen, lost or damaged and you are not insured correctly, it can mean you are left to pay out for repairs or replacements. In addition, if you are a professional musician, it can mean the loss of earnings. This is why it is so important to have a musical instrument insurance policy from Insure4Music – you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

Brass instrument insurance for when you’re away from home

A major worry for any musician is that their equipment and instruments are not covered by their home insurance policies when away from home. Unfortunately this is the case with most home insurance policies as they do not offer cover against theft, loss or damage to your instrument if you take it out of the home, say on tour or to practice.

Here at Insure4Music we understand that for musicians, leaving their instrument at home 24/7 is not always an option. If you are a performing musician you may have to leave your instrument in a practice room, in a vehicle overnight or even in a venue.

With this in mind, we have made sure our policies cover your brass instrument, in and out of the home. Brass instrumentalists are choosing us more and more as we offer the cover they need.

Accidental damage cover

Accidents can happen in transit and due to the fragility of brass instruments, any accidental damage can be particularly devastating. With a brass instrument insurance policy from Insure4Music you are protected against having to fork out for costly repairs should the worst happen.

If you drop your brass instrument, someone else damages it or it is damaged whilst in transit, you are not out of pocket and a replacement or repair can be organised swiftly. Our specialist brass instrument insurance policies mean we’ll replace new for old if the item is less than 3 years old for instruments or 18 months for laptops and they were bought new.

Concert Performer and musician public liability insurance

If you are a performing musician, whether in concerts or functions and events, you will need Public Liability insurance to ensure you are covered if you accidentally hurt someone or cause damage to a venue whilst performing.

Most venues will not allow you to step foot on a stage if you do not have the appropriate personal liability insurance as they will need to see proof that you are covered should an accident happen.

We can offer brass instrument performer public liability insurance – a vital part of running a successful business if you are a public performer and a necessity if you are playing in venues.

Brass instruments we insure

We can offer brass instrument insurance against theft, loss and damage to the following items and more:

Cornet insurance

French Horn insurance

Trombone insurance

Trumpet insurance

Tuba insurance

This by no means a complete list, and if you do not see your brass instrument here, we will likely be able to insure it. Call a member of our team on 08000 469 859 to check.

For professional brass instrument insurance, choose Insure4Music. To see why we’re the best musical instrument insurance provider, click here

Get a quote now, or call 08000 469 859 to speak to a member of our team and the cover you need to keep your business running and your equipment covered.