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I just want Public Liability cover 

Damaging your guitar, saxophone, keyboard or any other instrument is not only heartbreaking, but it can almost break the bank having to replace or repair it.

Accidental damage cover

Damaging your guitar, saxophone, keyboard or any other instrument is not only heartbreaking, but it can almost break the bank having to replace or repair it.

But with our musical instrument insurance policies, we will cover the cost of repairing your instrument or replace it should an accident happen. Click here to cover your equipment today.

Specialist Musical Instrument Accidental Damage Cover

Any musician, professional or at home enthusiast understands the importance of protecting their instrument from damage, but unfortunately accidents can happen. Amps can be dropped, instruments trodden on, pedals broken, and any other myriad accidents can happen to your equipment at home, whilst on tour or even when performing.

We believe in a fair policy for musicians, and believe musicians should be protected from having to pay out for repairs or replacements if damage was not their fault.

Musicians insurance with Insure4Music means your equipment is protected at all times from damage. Paying out for repairs can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on certain occasions.

So why take the risk? Accidental damage cover means that if you drop your amp, smash your tuba or crush your keyboard you can have a replacement.

Plus, you'll also be covered for hired or non owned equipment provided there's a contract in place.

Our musical instrument insurance policies mean we’ll replace new for old if the item is less than three years old for instruments or 18 months for laptops and they were bought new. Click here to see a top level list of items we are able to insure .

Musical instrument insurance for professional musicians

Accidents can strike at any time and if you’re a professional musician, any accidental damage to your equipment can mean you are unable to earn a wage or play gigs or undertake performances you have been booked for.

In the event of accidental damage, we can arrange for repairs or replacements swiftly once your claim has been accepted and with our performance cover we can even cover the cost of hire equipment, which means you are back playing or performing as soon as possible.

We can offer:

Professional musicians are at a greater risk of suffering accidental damage to their equipment, so it is strongly advised that you take out an insurance policy that has your best interests at heart. Be sure to read our policy details here.

Peace of mind that you’re covered against accidental damage with Insure4Music

We can insure your musical equipment up to a total of £50,000 and single items up to £15,000 and can even replace or repair associated musical equipment against accidental damage cover. Your tuners, mixers and a variety of other associated musical accessories you need are covered.

Contact a member of our team today on 08000 469 859 to discuss your musicians insurance policy or click here to get a quote.