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Choose a policy that has been built with the needs of groups, bands and orchestras in mind.

Pitch perfect cover, wherever, whenever you play

If you play in a band or orchestra then you need insurance that covers the needs of you and your other members. With that in mind our policies are perfectly pitched to look after your entire group.

Many venues will not allow musicians to perform on the premises without a valid public liability insurance certificate. However, you might find that you wish to opt for cover which protects you, your band and your equipment from a wide variety of potential issues.

From covering the collective cost of all your instruments under Equipment Cover, to Public Liability cover for your gigs and performances, to Personal Accident cover if anyone hurts themselves performing. You can shape your band insurance policy around your group.

If you aren’t able to attend your usual profession, business or occupation following an accident we will cover you for Loss of Earnings for up to 52 weeks under our Performance Cover option. And if you perform out of the country there are Worldwide cover options available so you’re insured wherever you play.

Plus, to make it really simple for you to set up, one band member can take out the policy for the whole group. All we need is the names of your band members and you don’t need to list out every instrument or piece of equipment you want to insure.

Whatever type of musical group you are, from classical to rock, our band insurance can help give peace of mind to all members, so you can get on with what you do best; performing.