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We’ve listed below the most common questions our musicians ask us. Take a look and if yours isn’t answered here please give us a call.


What is evidence of ownership?

Original sales purchase or till receipt or other evidence of ownership which clearly demonstrates ownership. This may include bank/credit card statements or a dealer valuation including photographs of the equipment. Any evidence should clearly show the date, price paid and details of the music equipment.

What is an indemnity basis?

If your equipment is being replaced on an indemnity basis a deduction is made for wear and tear.

Can I insure my children’s music equipment?

Yes providing they live with you at the same address.

Do I need to list my equipment?

No we do not require you to list your equipment. You will need to provide evidence of ownership in the event of a claim.

Am I covered if I drop a piece of equipment and it no longer performs as it should?

Yes we will repair or replace your equipment as new providing it was new when you purchased it and is less than 3 years old for instruments or under 18 months old for laptops. If your equipment was new when you purchased it or it is over 3 years old we will repair to the standard it was before the accident happened or if it is beyond repair we will replace it on an indemnity basis.

What is New for Old cover?

If your equipment is ever lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, we’ll replace it New for Old up to the sum insured for instruments less than 3 years (laptops and computers less than 18 months old).

What if my equipment is older than 3 years old?

If you want to insure equipment that is older than 3 years old, which still may be worth a lot of money as it could be vintage then we will replace it at market value.

Public Liability

What does Public Liability cover you for?

Public liability covers your legal liability should you injure a third party or damage their property. Many venues will ask you to provide evidence of public liability in case you damage their venue, or injure a member of the audience when you are performing.

I am currently covered under my bands insurance with Insure4Music does this cover me for public liability when I am playing on my own?



How do I make a claim?

For policies incepted from 1st Jan 2016 and onwards

Please call the claims team on 0800 112 4054 or email

Are there any age restrictions on the policy?

There are no age restrictions to take out a policy however the limits for Personal Accident cover do vary dependant on age. These are:

  • If you are under 18, the death benefit is reduced to £1,000
  • If you are over 80, the benefits are reduced to £5,000 and there is no cover for permanent total disablement

Am I able to split my payments up or pay monthly?

Yes, you can pay monthly on premiums over £50 at no additional cost. Our monthly payments are arranged by our partner Premium Credit Limited. You will be required to pay a 20% deposit and the remainder will be split over 9 equal monthly payments.

What do we do if someone leaves or joins the band?

You will need to inform us so we can update your policy. You can add, remove or swap any band members at any time during your policy period.

Who are Ripe?

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in niche insurance products. Over 225,000 policyholders have already chosen Ripe for their sports, leisure, personal and business insurance. Our fresh approach to insurance is all about making insurance easy-to-buy, simple-to-understand, jargon-free and excellent value. We ensure that our insurance practices not only meet but exceed the standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving our customers a clear understanding of our insurance products and providing a first-class insurance service. Find out about how we do things differently here.

What is the Ripe Guarantee?

The Ripe Guarantee incorporates all the things that are great about Ripe. With the Ripe Guarantee, you’ll get great cover and exceptional service at the right price. Click here to find out more.

Do you provide a VAT receipt?

No, insurance premiums are subject to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) rather than VAT.