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Specialist Music Insurance Vs. Household Insurance

Specialist Music Insurance Vs. Household Insurance

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Our specialist music insurance policies have been designed specifically for musicians. This means that whether you’re teaching, rehearsing or performing live, our insurance will include the exact cover you need. Unlike household contents insurance that specialises in protecting your household goods, including furniture and personal belongings in the home, garages and sheds.

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Why do you need specialist music insurance?

Check out our comparison table below to see why you need specialist music insurance compared to household contents insurance

Specialist Music Insurance
Household Insurance
If you perform live in venues, rehearse in a studio or teach music, we’ll cover you for up to £5 million Public Liability insurance. This will cover you if you injure another person or damage third party property.
It’s likely your policy won’t cover you, if you cause third party damage to a property when teaching, rehearsing or performing live.
24/7 equipment protection against accidental damage, theft or loss - in home, out of home and in-vehicle.
Household contents insurance covers things that you usually keep in your home. Additional personal possessions cover and costs are required for items you take out of the home such as your music equipment.
Equipment will be repaired or replaced within days once your claim is approved because we know how important it is to keep you playing.
Your household insurance company might not understand how important it is that damaged, lost or stolen instruments or gear is replaced quickly.
In the event you need to make a claim, the monetary excess for equipment is £50 and for Public Liability £250. You can waive excesses on all your music equipment, cover starts from less than £1 per year.
Your policy excess will play a part in reducing the cost of your policy and can be anything from £100 - £500 or more. In the event you need to make a claim, you’ll need to cover the cost of the excess you’ve chosen.
Whether your musical instrument is damaged, stolen or lost, there is no premium penalty after claims
A claim following damage, loss or theft to your instrument may result in loss of your no claims discount and an increase in your policy premium
You can insure multiple instruments on one simple annual policy up to the total value of £50,000. Single item limit would be £15,000.
Household contents cover normally comes with an average single item limit of £1,500 - depending on your insurer this could be higher or lower.
Performance cover will cover you for loss of earnings up to 52 weeks, as well as cover the cost of Equipment hire and Equipment breakdown.
Your policy won’t cover you if you’re unable to engage in or attend your usual profession, business or occupation following an accident and if you need to hire replacement equipment for an upcoming gig.

Read our policy wording to view full details of what is covered and the policy exclusions.

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