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Five Of The Most Popular Classical Instruments

It’s not hard to imagine the bumps and scrapes – and worse – that await musical equipment taken into bars and clubs, which is why insurance tends to be a no-brainer for most DJs and bands. But Insure4Music also offer a wide range of insurance options for classical instruments too.

In fact, not only do we offer classical instrument insurance but it’s now a whole lot cheaper too. If you play strings, percussion, woodwind, reed, brass, drums, piano or organ – you could save as much as 50% on your premium. Which will be music to your ears, unless you don’t think you need cover.

If you still believe classical instrument insurance is an expense you can survive without, here are five good reasons you should think about insuring some of the most popular classical instruments.

  1. Violins

With one of the most distinctive and beautiful sounds of any classical instrument, the violin remains one of the most popular instruments for children to start playing. But unlike many other popular children’s instruments – like pianos and drum kits – violins are very delicate.

Made from 70 separate pieces of wood, it doesn’t take much more than an unclasped case or falling off a table to do serious damage. Many household insurance policies now exclude musical instruments, so if you or any budding violinists in your household want to practise while protected from expensive accidents, get specialist violin cover from Insure4Music.


  1. Pianos

It takes a seriously well-prepared and dedicated criminal to pinch a piano, so if your passion is tickling the ivories then you probably don’t need to worry about theft. The far bigger danger with pianos comes from people forgetting they are there, or treating them like a piece of furniture instead of a valuable instrument.

It won’t matter that you always use a coaster for drinks on the piano if you accidentally spill one all over the keyboard. And if you play your piano at live gigs, then there are even more dangers to consider as you transport it to the venue, in and out of the venue, and even up on to the stage. So make sure you have the right cover just in case the worst happens.


  1. Double bass

There’s no doubt that double bass players get a tough deal when it comes to travel. Getting one in and out of the car is bad enough, but public transport and band buses can be an even bigger headache. Hard cases are a must if you want peace of mind from bumps and scrapes, but even then – it’s impossible to concentrate on protecting it 100% of the time, especially when you’re tired after a show. Finding places to securely leave a double bass while buying train tickets or nipping to the loo is also really tough. With classical instrument insurance from Insure4Music, you can travel to shows and back without adding any unnecessary stress to your day, safe in the knowledge you’re covered for loss and damage.

 double bass1

  1. Trumpets

Trumpets are, unfortunately, an easy instrument to steal. What’s worse, they are often one of the most expensive to replace.

Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of ways to make it harder for a music thief. Firstly, always keep it somewhere secure. Secondly, mark your trumpet with a UV pen and take photos against a plain white background for proof of ownership in case the worst does happen.

Sites like themouthpiece.com or the Musicians’ Union’s Stolen Instruments Bulletin can help you retrieve all kinds of instruments in this eventuality.

Finally, the most fool-proof way to be protected is to have classical instrument insurance. That way, if some unscrupulous character decides to pinch your pride and joy, we’ve got you covered.


  1. Guitars

You don’t have to be a gigging guitar player to take your instrument out on the road, probably with a big bag of expensive accessories. But if you do play live, there’s a hundred and one problems waiting to happen. Classical guitarists may not feel the same anxiety that electric guitarists do once the numerous cables and pedals are meticulously set up, waiting to catch someone’s foot. However, they are just as likely to fall into the trap of leaving their guitar on stage all alone.

So, whatever type of guitar you play, make sure you always leave it somewhere secure, and always get tailored classical instrument insurance to keep your instrument safe.


Why protect your instruments with Insure4Music?

Now you know why you need classical instrument insurance, but why should you choose Insure4Music?

The number one reason is that we’ll cover your instruments whether you’re out in a venue, on the road or at home – something most household insurance policies won’t do.

Plus, we’ll replace your instruments New-for-Old up to three years if they are damaged, lost or stolen. If you do need to make a claim, they’ll be replaced, or fixed, within days. And don’t forget our classical instrument insurance is now up to 50% cheaper!

Create your own tailored policy for your classical instruments today – www.insure4music.co.uk

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