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The UK’s Favourite Musical Decade

  • In a survey of over 5,000 people, the 80s was voted the most popular musical decade in the UK
  • The 70s and 80s were a close second with 18% of the vote
  • Leeds voted the 90s as the best decade, with 20% of the vote
  • Newcastle and Glasgow both went against the national trend, voting for the 70s

When it comes to music, we all have our favourite decades. Whether it’s the swinging 60s or the rise of Brit Pop in the 90s, each decade has had its own distinct style which can divide opinion.

But what musical decade is the most popular in the UK? And which decade is the particular favourite for some of the UK’s major cities?

To answer these questions, we conducted a survey of over 5,000 people and asked them which decade they consider to be their favourite. Below, you will see a map detailing their responses.

The 80s were by far the most popular decade basically setting a national trend—with 26% of all our respondents saying it’s their favourite musical decade. The 70s and 90s were not far behind, receiving 18% of the vote respectively.


While 80s music is quite popular in Leeds, it’s been pipped to the post by the 90s, which won 20% of the vote in the city. The 80s did pick up 19% of the vote, but Leeds was the only major city we surveyed that picked the 90s as their top decade.

The 2020s received 10% of the vote from the people of Leeds, which is the highest the current decade tallied in any city. Clearly Leeds has more of an affinity for modern music than other cities in the UK.


While it was a close result in Leeds, Newcastle was a little more definitive. With 27% of the vote, Newcastle picked the 70s as their favourite musical decade. Not only that, out of all the cities in the UK that voted for the 70s, none of them racked up as many votes as Newcastle.

In many ways, the votes we see in Newcastle are close to the opposite of what we saw in Leeds. While the 80s and the 90s continue to have a decent level of support, 15% of people in Newcastle voted for the 60s, which is among the highest that decade received.


If you’re wondering which city voted for the 60s the most, then look no further than Glasgow. The Scottish city gave the 60s 20% of their vote, the only city to do so.

Despite that, the 60s was not the most popular decade. With 26% of the vote, the 70s was the winner. The 80s and the 60s come a close second and third respectively. Looking at the UK as a whole, you can clearly see the diverse music tastes of the UK. While the 80s was the most popular overall, there were plenty of cities that bucked the trend and went with either the 70s or 90s. Even in some of the cities where the 80s were triumphant, some of them were still very close calls.

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