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Top 10 expensive instruments

We all know that music can be an expensive hobby whether that’s paying for lessons while you learn, purchasing all your expensive equipment or going to gigs to see your favourite acts. Now when you do purchase your pride and joy, whether that’s a cello, violin, guitar or a DJ’s mixing desk you do need to be insured for theft, loss and damage to give you that complete peace of mind whenever playing your pride and joy!

Just imagine your instrument was robbed, lost or damaged when playing and wasn’t insured therefore cannot be replaced without paying a lump sum.

Here’s 10 of the most expensive instruments ever purchased that really would need a lump sum to replace:

  1. A classical guitar by Robert Bouchet – $122,500

Any guitar made by Robert Bouchet is rare and expensive enough. The famed French guitar maker only made 150 guitars during his life, all of which have turned out to be very expensive and desirable. This particular Bouchet guitar attracted a lot of attention was made in Paris back in 1964. This particular guitar was unique because it contained not only the signature of Bouchet, but also his address in Paris and the date that the guitar was made.

  1. A classical guitar by Antonio de Torres – $157,000

The modern day classic acoustic guitar has a lot to do with Spaniard Antonio de Torres. Up until present day, the acoustic guitars being built now are still based on the design of de Torres. He probably knew he was onto a winner when he started signing his guitars in 1871. Ironically, it’s his guitars built before 1871 that are more highly sought after. Christie’s auctioned off an 1864 de Torres classical guitar for $157,000 in 2007.

  1. Violin by Giovanni Bastia Ceruti – $158,500

The first of many violins entering the list is one built bt Giovanni Bastia Ceruti. Ceruti pursued his passion for music at the relatively late age of 40, specifically building violins. The problem he faced was that as his country was constantly in turmoil, he found it very hard to source good materials to make the instruments. Therefore Ceruti settled for cheap wood, but he made up for it with his detailed handcrafting and construction of the instruments. Credit where credits due though, his violins have definitely stood the test of time. In 2009, a 1974 Ceruti violin was auctioned off for $158,500.

  1. Pieter Rombouts’ Viola de Gamba – $212,500

The Viola de Gamba is an extremely rare instrument. There are very few of them in the world but none are more valuable than the one crafted by Pieter Rombouts. The unique sound of the Viloa de Gamba is so great, that it is yet to be replicated digitally successfully.

  1. Carlo Giuseppe Testore’s Violins – $218,500

Carlo Giuseppe Testore was a creator of multiple instruments, these included: cellos, violas and double bass as well as violins. Testore’s instruments are still a favourite of many classical musicians worldwide. Most of his pieces he produced were made in the late 1600s – early 1700s, colloctors and musicians will still pay huge amounts to have them.

  1. Violoncello by Gennaro Gagliano – $362,500

Potentially the only Violoncello Gennaro Gagliano ever made. The existence of one made by him was up for debate for quite some time before one popped up. Experts were brought in to determine whether the violoncello above was actually made by the celebrated instrument maker.

  1. Bertolotti da Salo’s Violas – $542,500

This is one of 60 violas made by Bertolotti da Sola over the course of his life, primarily during the 16th century. Those instruments that have stood the test of time are all nearly worth ½ million dollars each!

  1. C.F. Martin and Company’s OM-45 Deluxe Guitar – $554,500

C.F. Matrin and Company’s guitars have always been synonymous with country music. Their steel string guitars are legendary, and their signature inlay work is recognised worldwide. In 1930, they made 15 OM-45 Deluxe Guitars, and many famous musician/performers such as Roy Rogers snapped them up. They now sell for incredibly large sums of money.

  1. Fender’s Stratocaster Guitar Owned by Eric Clapton – $959,500

Quite often, it’s not who has made the instrument, but who has played it that gives it an astronomical fee. Fender is well renowned for making great guitars and arguably the biggest guitar brand in the world. (Closely followed by Gibson, I did say arguably!). Just about every good, bad or legendary musician has played or owned a Fender Stratocaster at some point of their career. Eric Clapton once found three Fender Stratocasters in Nashville and bought all three. He then fiddled around and picked the best parts of each guitar, the result is his legendary “Blackie”, and the auction price of nearly one million dollars.

  1. Antonio Stradivari’s “Hammer” Violin – $3,544,000

For violin aficionados, there isn’t much better on offer than the sound of a violin crafted by Antonio Stradivari. His instruments, like many have grown in value significantly over the course of the last few centuries, and one of his more popular pieces was a violin owned for many years, by Christian Hammer, a collector from Sweden. Since, it has changed hands multiple times. The current owner however forked out a record amount for it in 2006.

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