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Top 10 performing fails

When you’re walking around a dark stage with a lot of adrenaline running it can be very easy to not look where you’re going and trip and/or fall over the numerous items that can make up a stage ‘assault course’ and seriously injure yourself and others.

Here are ten of our favourite fails:

Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters legendary frontman Dave Grohl made headline news when he tripped off stage and broke his leg two songs into their set at the Ullevi Stadium, Sweden. He continued his legendary status by proclaiming “I think I just broke my leg! I’m going to go to the hospital. I’m going to fix my leg. And then I’m going to come back.”

And come back he did, after having his leg bandaged, Dave returned to the stage and finished the set sitting on a chair. He told the audience: ‘I may not be able to walk or run but I can still play guitar and scream!’

What a hero!

The Edge

The Edge, the world famous guitarist of the evergreen rock band U2 ironically walked off the edge of the stage back in May 2015 in front of 19,000 people in Vancouver. The band were performing hit track ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ when the 53-year-old took a walk. He escaped the fall with just a grazed arm which from what we’ve seen above was very lucky!


Madonna fell from a podium during her first Brit Awards performance in 20 years after one of her backing dancers appeared to accidentally pull her down the stairs!

The singer was stood at the top of the stairs wearing a matador-style cape with a flowing train that wafted down the stage. She appeared to be struggling to take the cape off, but when the backing dancer tried to whip it away, he took the illustrious singer with it.

She swiftly recovered as all great performers do and carried on to the end of the song, executing a dance routine and showing no sign of obvious injury.

Noel Gallagher

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher was attacked back in 2008, playing a headline set at the V Festival in Toronto. While the band were playing the classic ‘Morning Glory’, a spectator rushed onto stage from the side viewing area and threw the guitarist off the six-foot high stage.

Noel fell heavily on his monitor speakers and was taken to hospital with a suspected fractured rib and ligament damage. The rest of the band completed the remaining six songs of their headline set to a ‘rapturous ovation’


Labrinth’s headline set at the University of Kent Summer Ball took a turn for the worst when an attempted crowd surf went dramatically wrong. The rap singer fell into the crowd after asking them to ‘put your hands up’ but the fans in the gig’s front row weren’t ready for him to jump and buckled under the weight of the singer! “The impact had a knock-on effect on the rest of the crowd, who fell ‘like dominos’, one of the students said. ‘I saw girls looking up from the floor in pain. But luckily, I don’t think anyone was too badly injured.’

Katy Perry

Arguably the funniest one of the list is Katy Perry’s multiple slips at MTV’s Latin America Awards in Guadalajara, Mexico. The world famous singer decided to jump into a massive cake during her performance, but her spectacular stunt didn’t quite go according to plan. Just moments later the star took a rather dramatic tumble after slipping on icing on the stage floor, she then hilariously tried to get up several times and continued to slip!

Drummer loses music sheet

There’s a lot to think about when playing in an orchestra. Playing the right notes at the right time, watching the conductor’s movements and turning the pages! But the most important thing is to remember when the music ends, unlike this unlucky man.

Iggy Azalea

The Australian singer was performing her hit ‘Fancy’ at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood as part of a pre-MTV VMAs concert when she fell right off the stage, but like a complete pro, she managed to keep singing! Clearly caught up in the moment, she didn’t realise quite how close she was to the end of the stage and simply walked right off. Shocked security guards rushed to Iggy’s aid but it was mere seconds before the rapper popped back up and continued her performance.  Afterwards, Azalea told the crowd she felt ‘very blessed’ that she did not break her legs.

Robbie Williams

As he says in the video, Robbie Williams tried to be cocky and do a little ankle kick jig whilst on stage in Roundhay Park, Leeds back in 2006. He recovers heroically though by getting up, laughing at himself and carrying on the song.

Tom DeLonge (Blink 182)

Quite often it’s not even the band’s fault when screw-ups happen. Take Tom DeLonge’s fail at the MTV Europe Awards back in 2001. Throughout their performance, the guitar constantly troubled the frontman, due to a wireless transmitter error.

It turned out a guitar used earlier in the night still had its wireless transmitter on, meaning after the intro, his guitar completely cut out for the rest of the song!

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