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5 reasons why students need music insurance

If you are a musical person and you’re moving away to university, probably the first item on your moving possessions list will be your instrument! Whether that’s a guitar, DJ decks or even a harp, it’s irrelevant. Why on earth would you want to live in a totally new environment, with buckets of free time and not have your pride and joy to see you through those ‘study’ periods between lectures?

Being in a totally new environment though brings its own risks, like theft, loss and damage. Here are five reasons why students need specialist music insurance:

#1 Theft from halls or shared house

Whether you’re living in student halls or sharing a student house, you need to be very careful where you leave your musical equipment. Areas around student accommodations are notorious for thieves, who’ll take anything that’s firstly carry-able and secondly, looks to have a second-hand sell on value.

Although you may trust your new found housemates, their friends of friends who have come back after a night out for a night cap may not be as trustworthy and could very easily take your guitar, in its case without you even realising.

#2 Theft from your vehicle

It’s not just in your student accommodation where thieves look for valuables. Your car can often be left in vulnerable areas due to the lack of parking on university grounds for students. You should never leave your music equipment in your car and on show, as most insurers won’t cover a theft from a car unless it was locked away and out of sight.

Very frequently we hear of thefts taking place outside of gig venues as thieves know that performers often leave all their expensive equipment in their car overnight after a gig. So make sure if you do play a gig that all your equipment is then returned to a safe place!

#3 Damaged equipment

We all like to think that we look after our equipment and instruments, but accidents do happen. If for example you drop and damage your saxophone, break a guitar pedal or spill some supermarket own brand vodka and your amp explodes then it will be costly to replace or fix.

With our policies, the cost is covered and we’ll even replace new for old if the item is less than three years old for instruments or 18 months for laptops and they were bought new.

#4 Loss of equipment

Losing music equipment is very easily done – simply misplacing a bit of kit when packing up after a gig can mean never seeing it again. Regularly at gigs, the backstage area will be an obstacle course of amps, guitars, cases, leads and any other belongings which can easily be mixed up and never  seen  again. This is where we would come to the rescue!

#5 Student loan

Student loan day. The day your loan clears into your bank account and you’re free to buy all the books, stationery and necessary shopping you need! That is what your student loan is meant for right?!

Only kidding, but do you really want to be spending some of your small fortune on fixing or replacing your music equipment? Why not spend a little on making sure all your equipment is covered, in case the worst should happen.

Get an instant music insurance quote now.

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