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Christmas Parties and no Public Liability insurance: a lethal mix for DJs

There’s no better time to be a DJ than Christmas. With work dos happening on a nightly basis throughout December anyone who can ensure the dance floor is kept full all night will be in demand and capable of making a nice little festive bonus when it comes to paid engagements.

But before you start practicing that difficult mix between Slade and Boney M, it’s worth considering the importance of having insurance at this time of year.

Why does a DJ need Public Liability insurance?

Like any business dealing with the public, Public Liability insurance is an absolute must if you want to avoid any claims being made against you for negligence or lack of duty of care. As a DJ you will come into a huge range of third parties due to the nature of your trade and the entertainment business.

When making a booking for DJ, most venues will insist that you have Public Liability insurance or advise their customers to check if this insurance is in place before they make the booking themselves. So not only is it advisable to look on Public Liability insurance as a safety net which can cushion your fall by covering damages awarded as well as legal expenses for both sides, it’s also a business necessity.

Remember the situation

As everyone knows a Christmas party can get quickly lively and that increases the risk to both you and your equipment. It’s also worth remembering that although you might have a regular residency, DJ-ing on the Christmas circuit will mean you’ll probably be working in unfamiliar surroundings and with people and equipment you’re not familiar with.

Be as careful as you can

With plenty of revellers letting their hair down and consuming alcohol the risks of trips, falls and slips is greatly increased. Make sure none of your wires are trailing and your speakers are secure. If you’re using any kind of lighting rigs or special effects than insurance is an absolute must.

Be wary of the venue

If your equipment is faulty and manages to cause damage to the venue’s own sound system or electrics, you could also be in big trouble. Most venues are pretty clued up when it comes to Public Liability insurance and they’ll be quick to come down on you if they think there’s blame attached. This could be as simple as scratching a wall with your equipment or spilling a drink in the DJ box.

Insure your equipment

Most DJs have got horror stories about the time someone drunkenly requesting a song managed to pour a pint all over their decks. But as funny as it sounds this a very real risk at a Christmas party. Think about how much all your equipment is worth, not to mention your beloved music collection and you’ve got a nightmare scenario if anything goes wrong.

So remember Christmas is boomtime for every DJ, whether superstar or supermarket shelf-stacker. So grab a box of records and get that insurance in place: a life of fame and fortune starts here…

Insure4Music have a range of cover options available for aspiring and professional DJs, VJs and mobile discos. Our Equipment Cover insures your studio equipment up to £50,000 and under our Music Liability option we also offer up to £5 million in Public Liability if you DJ live at venues. This will cover you if your electrics cause damage to the venue for example.

And if you aren’t able to attend your usual profession, business or occupation following an accident we will cover you for Loss of Earnings for up to 52 weeks under our Performance Cover option. And if you DJ out of the country there are Worldwide Cover options available so you’re insured wherever you play your sets.

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