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9 Do’s And Don’ts For Aspiring Wedding DJs

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When an ordinary person thinks of a wedding DJ, they often resort to an all-too-common stereotype. Virtually everyone has been to a wedding with an unimaginative DJ. The sound was terrible, the MC’ing cheesy and the music stale. But it’s easy for up-and-coming wedding DJs to overcome these preconceptions if they’re given the right advice.

Most wedding DJs today are well aware of the stereotypes, and once they successfully out-do their predecessors of old, they can make a good living from this kind of work. Once you do a great job for one married couple, repeat business often follows through word of mouth. So, if you’re an aspiring wedding DJ looking to put those old stereotypes to rest, take a look at the following do’s and don’ts:

Do’s for wedding DJs

1) Request an order of service. After all, you don’t want to start playing a floor filler just as the cake is about to be cut. Make sure you have the songs they want for the first dance, the cutting of the cake and any other specific requests. If they give you free rein, don’t take that as a sign they want you to blare out Rick Astley during a romantic moment.

2) Find out about the age and preferences of the guests and have a huge song library to hand. You will need this to ensure you have something to bring various generations together.

3) Sometimes you will get a couple who will want one type of genre all night. However, this might not go down well with such an inter-generational crowd. Though you should always respect what the couple wants, it might be worth nudging them to include a broader range of genres and make them aware of likely requests based on the demographics of the wedding guests.

4) Be prepared to MC the event as well as DJ. You will need to be fun, likeable and full of energy.

Don’ts for wedding DJs

1) If you do have to MC the event, avoid cheesy clichés.

2) Don’t use shoddy gear and always have a backup plan. You don’t want to ruin the most important day of someone’s life because your equipment failed.

3) Don’t be disorganised. The couple has hired you to keep the show running, after all. And if the married couple lose track of time and are about to fall off schedule, a gentle reminder could well be appreciated.

4) Don’t impose your music taste on the couple or the crowd. The wedding is not your event, so make sure you respect their choices.

5) Don’t get drunk. You always need to remain in control and it doesn’t look very professional if you are seen to take advantage of a free bar for anything other than soft drinks.

When you are a wedding DJ, most venues will require you to have Public Liability insurance to cover you in the event of damage to individuals or property. Not only is DJ insurance important from that point of view, but your equipment could also very easily be damaged with all the revelry going on around you. Protect yourself and your equipment during your next event, get a DJ insurance quote from Insure4Music today.

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