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Swing An Accident In Your Favour: Why All Jazz Musicians Need Insurance

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Jazz is entering a new golden age, with more and more live events across the UK. Amidst the excitement of belting out some blues licks or playing the boogie woogie in a funky urban café, it can be easy to overlook the importance of having specialist jazz insurance should the unthinkable happen.

If you are in a swing, jive or a big band ensemble, you absolutely need jazz insurance. Insure4Music’s specialist jazz insurance will cover you for:


• The collective value of your instruments

• Personal Accident – in case someone hurts themselves while performing

• Equipment failure

• Music equipment hire – if your equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, you can claim back the cost of hiring equipment

• Loss of earnings – if you suffer an accident and are left unable to play

• Public Liability and Professional Indemnity protection

• Worldwide cover


Want to get into more detail? We’ve broken down the different forms of jazz insurance cover provided by Insure4Music, tailored to give you complete peace of mind when you’re on stage.


Public Liability insurance
Public Liability protects your legal liability if you accidentally injure another person or damage the venue’s property when performing. Most venues across the UK require musicians to have Public Liability cover and will ask for proof of this before allowing you to play.

To make life easier, once you’ve taken out Public Liability insurance with Insure4Music, you’ll receive a ‘proof of insurance’ email within minutes, so you can show the venue you’re covered.

In addition, as part of Insure4Music’s Public Liability package, you will get up to £1 million in Professional Indemnity cover. This covers your legal liability if you are believed to have given bad advice.


Instrument insurance
Whether you’re a jazz trio, a swinging big band or a musical quartet, band insurance covers the collective cost of your instruments – meaning you can cover the whole group on one policy. It also protects against theft – both in and out of the home and from a motor vehicle –  as well as accidental damage and malicious damage.


Performance cover
If you are a professional musician, you need performance cover. This will help you financially if you are not able to play or continue your usual profession following an accident from your use of music equipment. You will also be covered if your equipment breaks down, covering repair and the cost of replacement equipment hire.


Worldwide cover
Whether you’re on an international tour or playing a one-off show abroad, worldwide cover is essential for many jazz musicians. Adding worldwide cover to your jazz band insurance ensures that your instruments are covered whether you are playing in Montreal or Monmouth.


Jazz band insurance
Insure4Music has a range of cover options available for jazz musicians and bands. Our equipment cover insures your items against theft, loss and damage, and our Public Liability insurance provides up to £5 million of protection if you perform live.

What’s more, if you find yourself out of action following an accident, we can cover you for loss of earnings for up to 52 weeks.


Protect yourself, your band and your instruments with our specialist, tailored jazz insurance. Get an instant online quote today!

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