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How To Get Wedding DJ Gigs

If you’re a DJ, now is the time to go out and get new clients, with wedding season now upon us. But just how do you convince engaged couples that you’re the best man for the job, on the biggest day of their lives? Six-time award-winning wedding DJ, MC artist and motivational speaker Terry Lewis gives us his advice on how to get wedding DJ gigs.


how to get wedding dj gigs


Don’t be afraid to outsource

I’m a great believer in outsourcing. If you want to gain as much awareness of your services as possible, don’t try and do this yourself if you want to make a big splash. You’ve got enough on your plate as it is.

Use a marketing agency to sell yourself.  You’re probably a member of a number of wedding supplier groups, ask for recommendations to ensure you hire someone with a proven ability to deliver.


Showcase videos of your work

Couples would  be very reluctant to hire a DJ if they didn’t have videos showcasing their work.

Use videos of a packed dancefloor. Without doubt, the number one fear of a bride or groom is that no one will dance at their wedding.

Allay their fears by using as many individual clips from different genres as possible. This way, your couple can watch the music styles they want. It may take a while to build up your library, but it will be worth it.


Be careful when joining directories

Directories have their place in the wedding DJ industry, but there are some red flags:


  • Always test and measure the quality of your data: Having decided on a data provider, test and measure the quality of your data in small amounts first. Don’t buy 100 leads straight off the bat – it’s unlikely you’ll be able to terminate your contract or downsize the number of leads if they are rubbish. Start small.


  • Don’t buy exclusive leads: In the online world, there is no such thing as exclusivity of leads. Think about how you look for products and services – would you go to just one source? Your potential clients will behave in the same way. Don’t fall for exclusive deals.


  • Only purchase pre-qualified leads: Make sure the leads you buy are relevant to your industry. Always ask the data seller if brides have to tick a box saying they are still looking for a florist or whatever wedding service you offer. Avoid directories that do not pre-qualify their clients and hunt down those that do.


  • Only purchase fresh data: If your directory issues stale data which is months old, by the time you call, it’s likely the bride will have already hired their DJ. You want baby leads, not pensioners! Your data should be around four weeks old at most. Reject directories offering everything else.


Have a clear USP

A USP is not important – it’s crucial.  It’s your headline that gets prospects sitting up and paying attention, meaning you can funnel them on to your next step.

I know that I’ve performed well when I receive messages like – and I quote – “It is amazing how many guests have asked us whether you are a personal friend”, or “It was clear to everyone that you really put your heart and soul into making our day special, and for that we are very grateful.”

My USP is that I’m an international wedding MC and DJ, and a six-time award winner. I’m proven to be one of the best floor-filling wedding DJs in England. I’ve also performed at weddings with celebrities such as Baby D, MC Neat & So Solid Crew.


Be more than just a DJ

It’s so important for me to go above and beyond the minimum requirements for my clients.

Being more than just a DJ paves the way for word of mouth. Approximately 98% of my business comes from word of mouth and it’s the most powerful marketing tool there is. After all, social proof is far more powerful than anything we say.


Hopefully you enjoyed reading Terry’s top tips! If you’re performing live this summer, you need DJ insurance. Find out how our DJ insurance can protect you and give you peace of mind when you’re on the decks.

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