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The 7 Best Apps For Music Teachers

If you’re a music teacher, a good app can remove so much stress from your job. We’ve chosen the 7 best apps for music teachers, whether you want to organise your schedule better, annotate your scores or keep your students motivated. See what you think of these…


Price: £14.99

forScore allows you to store, view and organise your digital sheet music, and is one of the best score reader apps around. It’s a little pricey at £14.99, but based on its functionalities it’s well worth the investment.

It’s compatible across iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and adding your score to it is quick and easy. If you’re using iOS 11 or later, you can drag and drop multiple files into the forScore library from Safari or the photos app. You can also import a PDF version of your score via iTunes, email, Google Drive, AirDrop, Dropbox or Bluetooth.

Once you’ve added your files, you can annotate them using forScore’s extensive set of musical symbols. There’s even an autoturn feature for scores with sequential pages, whereby the pages turn themselves – how handy is that? Page 13 of the forScore user guide explains this feature in more detail.

Check out the video above for a more detailed overview of how to use forScore with your students.

Music Teacher’s Helper

Price: Free

If you’re a private music teacher, you know how stressful it is to manage your calendar, library and finances. Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of Music Teacher’s Helper – an app which does exactly what it says on the tin.

You can update student information, plan your schedule, prepare upcoming lessons and keep up to date with your billing and invoices. You can also access your account from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Don’t just take our word for it. One reviewer on the website Softonic wrote: “As a music teacher, I have to manage a crazy schedule. I was using a notepad for all my appointments and lessons. I came across Music Teacher’s Helper app. I was impressed by how much this helped me organise my schedule. I set reminders and have everything right there. I like it a lot.”

Symphony Pro

Price: £14.99

Symphony Pro allows you to compose just about anything. You can write orchestral scores for up to 48 (yes, 48) instruments, lead sheets, chord charts, guitar tabs and more. Once you’ve created your score, you can make annotations using the standard iPad keyboard.

This app’s built-in shortcuts and contextual menus allow you to easily edit note and bar properties. If that’s not enough, you can even amend your score by hand. Symphony Pro 5 (the latest version at the time of writing) offers handwriting recognition as an in-app purchase, which could save you valuable time during lessons.

If you’ve already got a score you want to use, simply import it using MusicXML or MIDI formats via apps like Safari, Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

As you’ll see in the above video, Symphony Pro offers similar features to forScore. However, each app offers its own specialist solutions, so it’s worth doing your research and considering your needs before deciding which one to go for.

Anytune Pro+

Price: £14.99

Anytune Pro+ is described as an “invaluable addition to the rehearsal environment“, making practising more dynamic and productive.” Therefore, it’s no surprise that it holds a five-star average rating on the App Store.

With Anytune Pro+, you and your students can learn, transcribe, practise and perform songs. You can adjust the tempo, choose the pitch, repeat loops, mark up a song and more.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this app enables you to plug-in and play, isolate an instrument or vocals with ReFrame, shape the sound with the FineTouch EQ and much more.

See for yourself how Anytune works by watching the video above, and find out more about its features here.

We’ll leave the last word to Phil Soussan, a songwriter, producer and bass guitarist who’s played with Ozzy Osborne and Billy Idol: “Anytune Pro+ is my personal trainer, helping me practice parts, songs or an entire setlist. With the mobile and LiveMix play along features I can learn anything, anytime, anywhere.”

Tonal Energy

Price £3.99

When it comes to tuner apps, Tonal Energy is considered one of the best on the market. This all-in-one app contains both a tone generator and metronome, and like Anytune Pro+ it has a five-star average rating on the App Store.

When using the tuner function, you can manually select your key and instrument. You then get given an emoji based on how in or out of tune you are, as you’ll see in the clip above.

For the metronome feature, you can play in a variety of time signatures. There are two beat options for 5/8 and 7/8, plus a range of other meters, divisions and subdvisions. The beats can be played, accented or silenced altogether, as shown in this explainer video.

Tonal Energy also allows you to record yourself while using the tuning or metronome function. This means you can keep practising with your students without focusing too much on your iPhone or iPad.


Price: Free

If you teach primary school children, this is the app for you. After all, one of your biggest challenges is to keep learning fun and ensure your students are motivated. Tonara helps overcome this challenge by giving teachers a range of tools to bring more fun into their lessons.

With Tonara, your students can upload recordings for you to listen to, and you can set assignments, give rewards, and manage your students all in one place.

Tonara tracks progress over time to celebrate milestones and successes, and offers game-like rewards such as badges, points and stickers.

Here’s what one reviewer wrote about Tonara: “Students that practised a few times a week are now practising daily. Tonara helps children develop a daily habit. And once you have daily practice, the sky is the limit to what they can achieve! Thank you Tonara!”

To see the difference that Tonara makes to music teachers and students, check out the above video featuring customer testimonials.

Flashnote Derby

Price: £4.99

Like Tonara, Flashnote Derby is ideally suited to teachers who work with young children, especially those who struggle to read and interpret notes.

Flashnote Derby uses a horse race to time students and see how quickly they can identify certain notes. Their horse will quickly gain ground if they get the answer right, but fall behind if they get it wrong. All you have to do is select the notes you want them to play and you’re good to go.

Once they’ve made good progress, you can increase the difficulty by adding more notes and speeding up the race. Before you know it, your students will naming the notes of the treble clef, bass clef, or even alto and tenor clefs.

A reviewer on the App Store wrote: “What a great app! I am a piano teacher and I am going to use this with my students. I love the way you can customise what notes will be used in each race and how fast the races are run. We need more music learning apps like this one. Thanks.”

And so concludes our list. However, it’s not just these apps you need in order to do your job effectively. You also need music teacher insurance in case something goes wrong.

This covers you if your equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, or if a claim is made against you for injury to another person or third-party property damage. Find out more about our music teacher insurance by clicking on the link above, or get an instant online quote with us today!

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