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Why Do I Need Musical Instrument Insurance?

If you’re wondering, ‘why do I need musical instrument insurance?’, look no further than the recent incident involving worldbeat musician N’Faly Kouyate.

Mr Kouyate’s custom-made, £4,500 electric kora suffered serious damage after being stored in the hold of a British Airways plane flying from Heathrow Airport. This was despite the fact the instrument was appropriately labelled, and that Mr Kouyate had warned staff it was fragile.

This incident will set alarm bells ringing among musicians everywhere, particularly those who take their instruments on tour. Such was the outrage over this case that a petition was set up by fellow musicians calling for British Airways to replace the damaged instrument, as it was considered beyond repair.

If this happened to you and you didn’t have specialist musical instrument insurance, you may end up having to pay for repairs or replacements out of your own pocket. And clearly, no musician wants to suffer this fate.

To hammer home the importance of having musical instrument insurance, here’s a guide to why you need it.


You just never know what could happen to your instrument when your back’s turned. What happened to Irving Walker, one of our policyholders, is a prime example of that.

why do i need musical instrument insurance

Irving, who plays saxophone for a covers band which tours all over Europe, had his car broken into and more than £6,000 worth of instruments were stolen, including a tenor saxophone worth £5,000. Not only was Irving’s car seriously damaged (as you can see from the photo), he faced not being able to play live for a long period of time.

Sadly, Irving’s case is far from an isolated one. Another policyholder recently had £14,000 worth of DJ equipment stolen after thieves broke into his garage. A subwoofer worth around £4,000 was among the instruments which were stolen.

Thankfully, in both cases, the claimants had specialist instrument insurance. This meant they were able to source replacements as quickly as possible and could continue playing live.

Our musical instrument insurance covers theft in and out of the home and from a motor vehicle. As well as Irving’s incident, here are some other common scenarios this insurance would cover:

  • You’re a band on tour. You’re practising at a venue and leave your equipment secured at the venue overnight. Someone breaks into the locked room or storage area and steals your instruments. 
  • You’re a music teacher and have a variety of instruments in your home. You leave one day and someone breaks into your home and steals your instruments.

So, whether you’re in or out of the home, your instruments are protected against theft and you can get back to playing in no time.


Even if you take good care of your instrument, it’s at risk of damage – as N’Faly Kouyate can attest to. As can our policyholder Gareth Marshall.

Ska singer Gareth was performing at a pub in Southampton when an audience member fell head first into a set of speakers, severely damaging one of them.

As Gareth explained: “I couldn’t play with just one working speaker. I had no idea what to do. Music is my life and the thought of not playing for a while made me panic big time. It’s like being a race car driver with only three wheels.” 

Gareth is not alone. Instrument damage as a result of audience interaction is, unfortunately, quite common. DJs often face this issue when they’re performing at a venue and someone accidentally spills a drink over their CDJ, laptop or mixing deck.

If you face a similar situation to Gareth, you could be looking at thousands of pounds worth of damage. Likewise, you could be significantly out of pocket if:

  • You drop an instrument such as a guitar or violin while transporting it to or from a vehicle, breaking the neck.
  • You drop a CDJ, shattering the screen and damaging the jog wheel.

This is why musical instrument insurance is essential. With Insure4Music, you can insure your equipment against accidental and malicious damage up to a total of £50,000, and single items up to £15,000. Better yet, you won’t be hit with a premium penalty if you make a claim.

We’ll repair or replace your instruments if they’re less than three years old (or if you’re claiming for damage to a laptop or computer which is less than 18 months old and was bought new). We also cover older instruments, which will be replaced for their current market value.

Our damage cover means you won’t have to break the bank to repair or replace your beloved instrument.


Imagine the devastation of taking your instruments on tour with you, arriving at your destination and discovering that they’ve gone missing.

That’s what happened to one of our recent claimants, who lost several items on a flight from Frankfurt to London. These included a Pioneer DJ console and two Macbook Pros with a combined value of £2,000.

As with theft and damage, the loss of your instruments could leave you in serious debt and unable to play without the right insurance.

Once again, this is where we come in. Our musical instrument insurance covers the loss of your instruments, both in and out of the home. This way, you’ll get a replacement as soon as possible.

Did you know?

Most home insurance policies don’t cover your musical instruments if they’re lost, stolen or damaged outside of the home.

Despite this, many musicians opt to insure their instruments on a home insurance policy, even though adding cover to this policy can be expensive and making a claim could increase the cost of their annual premium.

In conclusion

Wherever you take your instruments, specialist musical instrument insurance gives you all the cover you need.

With our specialist musical instrument insurance, you can practise your passion knowing you’re protected should the worst happen.

We understand the needs of musicians and our cover has been built to provide the right cover at the right price.

We also offer a Lowest Price Guarantee, meaning that if you find the same level of cover for a better price elsewhere, we’ll refund the difference.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an instant online quote with us today and make sure you’re never without an instrument for long.

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