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The Most Popular Taylor Swift Videos Around The World

From her roots in country music to powerful pop megahits and – more recently – an understated, pared-back style, Taylor Swift has an unrivalled and varied discography.

And, almost 17 years since signing her first recording contract, the singer/songwriter is still dominating the music industry. In 2021, she had a record-breaking Grammy Awards, becoming the first female artist ever to win album of the year three times. Not bad for someone who only just turned 31.

Of course, it’s not just the songs that consistently hit the mark. Every hit single delivers an iconic music video to match, all of which are loved by Taylor’s enormous global fanbase of loyal “Swifties”. But which video can lay claim to being the world’s favourite?

We analysed YouTube search data for every single one of Taylor Swift’s 173 songs to discover her most popular music video in every country. Take a look at the results below.

Head and shoulders above the rest is ME! – Taylor’s huge hit single featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco – which is the most searched for video in an incredible 60 countries across the globe. And it’s not hard to see why. The sugar-sweet bright colours and fantastical cinematography are irresistible, making it the world’s favourite Taylor Swift video.

Need a closer look? Discover the details of each continent below…

Lastly, how many plays does each song rack up every year? Unsurprisingly, it’s into the tens of millions. The below shows Taylor Swift’s top 10 most streamed songs via YouTube, along with their annual worldwide search volume.

All data accurate as of March 2021.

Countries where data is either not publicly available or where search volumes are too low to register have been omitted from the total.

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