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Cutting edge cover for cutting edge technology

As music technology progresses, the latest cutting edge headphones are becoming more and more expensive. That means, whether you’re a DJ or a guitarist, at home, at a gig or out and about – it’s vital to protect your headphones at all times. That’s where Insure4Music – the headphone and musical instrument insurance specialists – come in.

Specialist headphone insurance

Here at Insure4Music, we understand just how important equipment is to musicians. Whether you’re a keyboard player, songwriter or DJ, the loss of your headphones can be a real blow. What’s more, if you’re in the middle of a tour - the theft, loss or damage of your headphones could all throw a spanner in the works, potentially leaving you out of pocket to replace.

That’s why we created our specialist headphone insurance, to make sure you and your equipment are properly covered.

Headphone insurance against theft when you’re out and about

If you’re a musician, one of your biggest fears is always that your equipment might be stolen when you’re on the move. Most standard home insurance policies don’t cover accessories away from the home, so whether you’re playing a gig, at the practise room or out and about – your headphones will be at risk.

Fortunately, Insure4Music offer specialist headphone insurance that covers you against theft outside of the home, so you can travel with peace of mind.

Accidental damage cover

As any musician will know, just because a pair of headphones is expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be durable. Often naturally lightweight and fragile by design, headphones can break at the worst of times – whether on the road or at home. No matter where you are, the best way to ensure your equipment can be replaced in the event of accidental damage is musical instrument insurance from Insure4Music.

Our headphone insurance policies cover your accessories on a new for old basis, meaning if they are less than 3 years old and were bought new – you’ll get a brand-new pair if they break.

Musicians and headphone Public Liability insurance

Use your headphones when you play live? Then it’s vital that you have Public Liability insurance. No matter what level you’re at, most venues will demand proof of your Public Liability insurance before you can play.

Public Liability insurance means you will be protected from legal fees in case you cause injury to someone else, or damage the venue. Once purchased, you can show evidence of cover by email in minutes and then play as normal.

For specialist headphone insurance, there’s only one choice - Insure4Music. Find out why we’re the best musical instrument insurance provider around.

Get a quote now or call 08000 469 859 to speak to a member of our team and the cover you need to keep you playing.