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What is band insurance?

Our band insurance is designed to protect you from a range of unexpected incidents and gives peace of mind to every band member.

Whether you’re a professional band or gig for fun on weekends, our band insurance can cover the loss, theft and accidental damage of your instruments or equipment, whether you’re rehearsing, on the road, or performing live.

Why does your band need Public Liability insurance?

Imagine turning up to a gig to be told you can’t perform because you don’t have the right insurance.

Most public venues won’t allow a band on stage without a valid Public Liability insurance certificate. Public Liability insurance protects you if you injure someone else, or cause damage to property when performing.

So, if an unstable speaker injures an audience member, or an amp explodes and damages the venue you’re performing at, you’ll be covered.

Our Public Liability insurance covers your legal liability and potential legal costs up to a value of £5 million if a claim is made against you for instances like these.

With our quick and easy online quote and buy process, you can have your Public Liability insurance certificate emailed straight to your phone so you never miss a gig.

Why does your band need Equipment cover?

Having Equipment cover means that your instruments are protected against theft, loss and accidental damage, both at home and when out and about, and you won’t need to pay for repairs and replacements out of your own pocket. We'll also cover up to £30,000 of equipment left in a secure studio.

If something happens to your equipment – for example, if your instruments are damaged in the airplane hold or someone literally drops the mic – we will replace it on a new-for-old basis, provided it's less than three years old and was bought new.

Our Equipment cover is simple to arrange and includes the collective value of all your instruments, and unlike other insurance companies we don’t need you to list every instrument or piece of kit you want to insure. One band member can take out the policy for the whole group – all we need are the names of your band members.

Why does our band need Performance cover?

Performance cover is essential if you play live. If you or one of your band members has an accident during a performance, your injuries could mean that you're unable to carry out your day-to-day profession or even perform for long periods. This is why Insure4Music offers Loss of Earnings cover for up to 52 weeks if you’re unable to work following an accident.

What's more, our Performance cover reimburses you for the hire of alternative music equipment from a recognised reputable dealer and includes breakdown protection if your equipment should fail.

Why choose Insure4Music band insurance?

With specialist band insurance from Insure4Music, you can go out on the road and focus on hitting the right notes, rather than worrying what could go wrong.

We will make sure your band and essential equipment is protected, and our Lowest Price Guarantee means we’re confident that you won’t find the same level of cover to match your needs for a better price elsewhere.

Consider us your support act so you can focus on delivering a headline performance.

Get an instant quote now, or call 08000 469 859 to speak to a member of our team and arrange the cover you need.

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