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Choose a policy that has been built with the needs of DJs and sound equipment in mind.

What is DJ Insurance?

Our DJ Insurance is intended to protect you and your equipment from any unfortunate accidents. As a DJ, you can't compromise on sound. Your mixers, decks, computer, audio equipment, lighting and accessories come at a high cost. That's why, at Insure4Music, we offer a range of cover options for aspiring and professional DJs, mobile DJs and hobbyists.

Our Equipment cover starts from just £26.99 a year and protects your studio equipment against theft, loss and damage at home, out of the home and on the road, up to a value of £5,000.

If you DJ live at venues we offer £1m Public Liability insurance for just £27 a year, and £2m and £5m Public Liability insurance is also available. What's more, if you take out Public Liability cover with us, you'll get your certificate emailed straight to your phone instantly, which you can then show as proof to the venue.

With Insure4Music's DJ Insurance, you'll never miss a gig.

Why do DJs need Public Liability Insurance?

DJs should have Public Liability cover when they perform live. Most venues won't allow you to play unless you can produce a valid Public Liability Insurance certificate. This covers your legal liability if you're deemed liable for an accident that causes damage to the venue or injury to a person at the gig. For example, if your electrics caused damage to the venue, or someone tripped over a wire and blamed you for their injury you could be taken to court. If this happens, our Public Liability cover will protect you against the legal costs incurred as well as compensation up to £5 million.

Why do DJs need Equipment cover?

If you're a DJ, you need Equipment cover to avoid having to pay for repairs or replacements out of your own pocket if something happens to your equipment. We know DJ equipment can be lost, stolen or damaged at any time, whether at home or out and about - something most home insurance policies don't fully cover. We'll also cover up to £30,000 of equipment left in a secure studio.

Home contents insurance covers things you usually keep in your home. Additional personal possessions cover and costs will be required for items you take out of the home, such as your music equipment.

At Insure4Music, we replace your equipment on a New-for-Old basis if less than three years old or less than 18 months old for laptops and they were bought new. Additionally, if you travel outside of the UK with your DJ equipment, you can add Worldwide cover to your policy with us and be protected abroad.

Why do DJs need Performance cover?

Should anything happen to your equipment and you need to get back to playing as soon as possible, Performance cover is essential.

Insure4Music's Performance cover includes cover for loss of earnings, as well as for the hire of alternative music equipment from a recognised reputable dealer and breakdown protection if your equipment fails.

Why choose Insure4Music?

Our policies have been built with DJs in mind. We understand that DJs don't just have one or two pieces of equipment, which is why we don't ask you to list every item you want to insure. Plus, our Lowest Price Guarantee means you won't find the same level of cover that matches your needs for a better price. Get an instant online quote today and see how much you'll save.