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Whether you’re a DJ who plays live or at home, you need to protect your equipment – and potentially yourself – with specialist DJ insurance.

Below, we outline the scenarios in which you’d need this cover, from having your equipment stolen to a venue asking for proof of insurance. We also give you the full lowdown of our various cover options to help you decide which option is best for you.

What is DJ insurance?

DJ insurance is a form of financial protection which compensates you if an incident or accident takes place. For instance, if your equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen, or if a claim is made against you.

At Insure4Music, we provide insurance for aspiring and professional DJs, mobile DJs, and hobbyists.

Why do I need DJ insurance?

There are various reasons.

Firstly, your mixers, decks, computer, audio equipment, lighting, and other accessories come at a cost – usually a high cost. Therefore, you’re taking a huge risk by not insuring them. After all, accidents can happen while you’re performing – as we’ll explore in more detail further down – and your equipment is at risk of theft when it’s in storage. That’s why having DJ insurance is crucial.

Aside from the threat of theft or damage, insurance might also be a prerequisite of the venue you’re performing at, as mentioned above. Some venues insist that you have a certain level of insurance, and management may ask you to provide proof of insurance as a condition of you playing there. We’ll cover that in more detail below.

There’s also the risk of you suffering a bad injury and not being able to work or earn money for long periods of time. Without insurance, you’d need to find that money from your pocket.

These examples give you a snapshot of why you need DJ insurance. In a nutshell, it helps you continue to perform and avoid losing potentially vast sums of money.

Read on to find out more about the specific instances that are covered by DJ insurance.

What does DJ insurance cover?

At Insure4Music, our DJ insurance can provide everything from Public Liability to Worldwide cover.

Here’s an overview of what each type of insurance covers.

Equipment cover

As a DJ, you need Equipment cover to avoid having to pay for replacements or repairs yourself.

Let’s face it – you’ve no doubt invested significant time and money in obtaining your equipment. So, the last thing you want to do is shell out even more for replacements or repairs because your equipment was stolen or damaged and you weren’t sufficiently protected. All it takes is for someone in the crowd to spill a drink on your equipment or a brief concentration lapse while you’re loading your vehicle after a gig, and you could be in financial difficulty if you didn’t have insurance.And it’s not just any insurance you need. Yes, your standard home contents insurance covers everything you keep in your home – but it’s important to remember that personal possessions you take out of the home, such as your DJ equipment, require additional cover.

That’s where we come in.

Our Equipment cover safeguards your equipment against theft, loss, and damage both in and out of the home, up to the value of £50,000. We also cover up to £30,000 worth of equipment if it is taken away from the home.

In addition, we’ll replace your equipment on a new-for-old basis if it’s three years old or less (or 18 months for laptops and computers) and bought new.

If you travel outside of the UK with your DJ equipment, too, you can choose to add Worldwide cover to your policy and remain protected while abroad.

'All the buttons stopped working'

In 2021, when live music events were allowed to take place again post-lockdown, one Insure4Music policyholder was DJing at a brunch event in London Bridge when a girl stood up, fell over the stage, and spilt her drink all over his decks.

All the buttons stopped working and the sound stopped coming out of one side. However, because the DJ was insured, we paid out the full £1,359.99 to cover the cost of the damages.

Public Liability

If you’re a DJ who performs live, you need Public Liability. This cover is so important that most venues won’t even let you play live on their premises unless you can produce a valid Public Liability insurance certificate. This covers your legal liability if you’re deemed responsible for an accident that causes damage either to the venue or serious injury to a person at your gig.

Let’s say your electrical equipment causes damage to the walls, or someone in the crowd trips over one of your wires and blames you for their injury. You could end up in court, but with Public Liability cover, you’ll be covered for the legal costs and compensation up to £5m.

'Accidentally spilt her water'

An Insure4Music Public Liability policyholder was starring as a guest DJ at an event when she accidentally spilt her water onto a laptop belonging to the venue’s resident DJ.

Our Public Liability cover meant we paid out the £627.23 repair cost, with £250 excess covered by the policyholder.

Performance cover

Performance cover provides a variety of covers which can be essential if anything unexpected happens to you or your equipment.

For example, if you get injured while performing, and it means you can’t work at your usual job, whether this is as a DJ or any other occupation, Loss of Earnings under our Performance cover will help to cover any lost income for up to 52 weeks.

Another example would be if your electronic equipment, such as your mixer, stopped working or your decks just malfunctioned out of the blue. Equipment failing or breaking isn’t normally covered under a normal policy unless there was an accident which caused it.

However, we know electronic equipment can just malfunction, and with our Equipment Breakdown cover, we can help towards the cost of getting it fixed or replaced so that you can be ready for the next gig.

We’ll also provide cover for the temporary hire of alternative equipment while waiting for your equipment to be repaired or replaced if it was stolen or accidentally damaged. This way, you can continue to practice or perform while you wait.

Worldwide cover

Worldwide cover is essential if you’re planning to take your equipment abroad to perform at events and festivals.

If you need to leave the UK with your DJ equipment, you can add Worldwide cover to your policy and remain protected while you’re away.

How much does it cost to insure DJ equipment?

The cost of DJ insurance depends on various factors, namely:

  • The type of your equipment
  • The value of your equipment
  • The level of cover you select

Do I need to list every item I want to be insured?

In a word – no.

We know that as a DJ, you probably own a substantial amount of kit, and in a world and industry where time is of the essence, there’s no need for you to tell us everything until you make a claim.

Instead, to buy a policy you just need to select up to the value of equipment cover you require.

Why Insure4Music?

We know what DJs need, and our policies have been designed with them in mind.

We understand that you won’t just have one or two simple pieces of equipment – you’re likely to have lots. That’s why we’ll never ask you to list every single item you want to insure.

Plus, our guarantee promises you great cover and exceptional service at the right price.

Get an instant online quote today and discover the value of DJ insurance.

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We hope we’ve covered everything you need to know about your DJ insurance here, but if there’s still something you’re not quite sure about, visit our FAQs page

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