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Here’s a few reasons you should be considering specialist music insurance.

Six reasons Insure4Music will help keep you playing

When it comes to music we know there’s not much that will stand in the way of you playing. Our policies have been built around the needs of musicians. Whether you play the violin at home, you play in a band, you DJ, sing at venues or teach music there are six main reasons to protect yourself with a policy from Insure4Music.

  1. Theft when you’re out and about
  2. Many household policies now exclude musical instruments
  3. Accidental damage to your music equipment
  4. Playing live
  5. Teaching music
  6. Loss of earnings if you can’t perform

Theft when you’re out and about

Lots of musicians tell us that the biggest risk to them is when they leave the house to perform or practice. If you’re leaving your instrument overnight in a car or van, transporting it between your home and where you play or just storing it overnight in a venue, then you’re taking a risk without insurance. Thieves are savvy and they know how much you’ve spent on your kit. Plus most instruments can’t be traced to their owners so they’re easy to sell online or at auctions. Get peace of mind today with policies starting from just £9.38 a year.


Many household policies now exclude musical instruments

Many household policies now exclude musical instruments. This means that you will have to specifically request that your instrument is added to your policy, which will often significantly increase your premium by more than the cost of a specialist music insurance policy. And you could also lose your no claims bonus on your home insurance if you make a claim. Plus, depending on the terms and conditions, your instrument might not be covered when you take it out of your home. For more information on why you need specialist music insurance over household insurance, please click here.


Accidental damage to your music equipment

We all like to think that we take care of our instruments and equipment, but accidents do happen. If you drop and damage your saxophone, break a guitar pedal or your amp explodes then it can be costly to replace or fix. With our policies the cost is covered and we’ll even replace new for old if the item is less than 3 years old for instruments or 18 months for laptops and they were bought new.


Playing live

Any musician who plays live should have Public Liability insurance. If you’re a singer, DJ or band you’re probably already aware of this as most places you play will ask to see proof of your cover. This insures you in case you injure someone else, or cause damage to a venue when playing. We’ll provide evidence of cover with your policy so it’s easy to show you have this.


Teaching music

If you teach others to play, then like any other teacher you should take out insurance. Professional Indemnity cover comes as standard with our Public Liability option and will cover you against claims made against you for negligent advice. Also, if a music student injures themselves whilst you are teaching them or damages someone else’s property, then Public Liability cover is available up to £5 million.