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Pitch perfect cover for your clarinet

The clarinet is a very versatile instrument suited to multiple musical styles, from Baroque concertos to jazz ensembles. Whether you’re part of an orchestra or a swing band, you always want to ensure your clarinet is protected against loss, theft or damage. Without the right insurance, you and your instrument may be out of action for longer than you would like.

Thankfully, at Insure4Music, we have created specialist clarinet insurance to give you peace of mind while performing.

Clarinet insurance when you’re out and about

When you’re practising or on tour, the last thing you want to worry about is your clarinet going missing. It is more likely than you might think, especially given that musical instruments are often left unattended in practice rooms or auditoriums. Although many musicians believe their home insurance policy will cover their instrument against such instances, sadly this is often not the case.

That’s where Insure4Music comes in. We understand that you want to avoid being unable to perform at all costs – that’s why our musical instrument insurance provides specialist insurance for clarinets should the worst happen. This way, you can concentrate on staring down the barrel of your clarinet, rather than staring down the barrel of vast expense.

Accidental damage cover

Clarinets require the highest levels of protection, so even the slightest mishap could cause accidental damage. For instance, forgetting to disassemble your instrument or packing it away safely could leave you with nothing to play for a long period of time.

The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to take out a policy with Insure4Music. Our clarinet insurance cover is invaluable if your instrument suddenly needs repairing or replacing. Thanks to our policies, you can replace your clarinet on a new for old basis if it is less than three years old and bought new.

Musicians and clarinet Public Liability insurance

If you play your clarinet to a live audience, you need Public Liability insurance, as most venues will ask you for insurance proof before even allowing you to play.

Public Liability Insurance will protect you in case you accidentally injure someone during a concert, or cause unforeseen damage to the venue you’re performing at. Once you’ve taken out a policy, you can access confirmation of this by email within minutes, to show the venue you’re covered.

For any serious clarinet player, there’s no reason not to choose Insure4Music’s specialist clarinet insurance. Find out why we’re the best musical instrument insurance provider around.

Get a quote now or call 08000 469 859 to speak to a member of our team and get the cover you need to keep your clarinet protected.