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Cutting edge cover for cutting edge technology

As audio technology becomes ever more sophisticated, the price tags on modern microphones are sky-rocketing. Whether you have one or several, make sure they’re properly covered at home, at a gig or when you’re out and about with mic insurance from Insure4Music – the mic and musical instrument insurance specialists.

Specialist mic insurance

For any musician, having your equipment lost, stolen or damaged is always a huge concern. At Insure4Music, we feel your pain – that’s why our specialist mic insurance covers your full rig against theft, loss and damage both at home and away from it.

Mic insurance against theft when you’re out and about

Ask any musician what their biggest worry is when out and about, and they’ll tell you it’s the fear of having their equipment stolen. Since most regular home insurance policies don’t cover accessories or equipment, if you leave your mics overnight in the van, at practice or in the venue, you are not protected.

Thankfully, you are with Insure4Music’s specialist mic and musical equipment insurance. That means peace of mind whether you’re on tour, at the studio or somewhere in-between.

Accidental damage cover

With a million and one potential issues when it comes to musical equipment, the best way to ensure your microphones and other equipment can be replaced in the event of damage is to insure them with Insure4Music.

Our musical equipment insurance policies make sure repair or replacement costs are covered, which means you’re not out of pocket and can be back to playing in no time. What’s more, we replace your mics new for old if bought new and less than three years old.

Musicians and mic public liability insurance

Do you play live? Then you absolutely need Public Liability insurance. In fact, most venues ask for proof of your public liability insurance before allowing you to play.

What is Public Liability insurance? It covers you in case you injure someone else while playing, or cause damage to the venue. You can get a tailored quote like lightning from Insure4Music, and proof of cover with your policy in minutes.

For specialist mic insurance, choose Insure4Music. Find out why we’re the best musical instrument insurance provider around.

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