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Choose a policy that has been built with the needs of saxophone players in mind.

Avoid a case of the blues

Do you enjoy nothing more than belting out some Blues licks on your sax? If so, you will need specialist saxophone insurance as without it, you may not be able to continue performing.

As saxophone players know only too well, peace of mind when you’re playing, touring or practising is incredibly important. That’s why Insure4Music have created tailored insurance policies to cover you and your saxophone against Public Liability, theft, loss and damage.

Saxophone insurance when you’re out and about

The last thing you want to think about when practising or on tour is the risk of theft, loss or damage to your saxophone. However, such instances are sometimes unavoidable. What is avoidable is not having specialist saxophone insurance to cover you in such circumstances.

If you think your home insurance will cover them, think again. Unfortunately, many home insurance policies often won’t cover musical instruments away from the home, so if you leave your saxophone in the practice room, in the van overnight or at the gig venue, you won’t be covered if they are damaged, stolen or go missing.

At Insure4Music, we understand that there’s nothing more important to musicians than to continue playing. That’s why we created specialist insurance for saxophones to protect them should the worst happen. Our musical instrument insurance covers theft of your saxophone both inside and outside of the home. That way, you can rest easy about your instrument’s safety.

Accidental damage cover

Sadly, there are many ways of accidentally damaging your saxophone, which can leave you with nothing to play. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to insure with Insure4Music.

Our saxophone insurance cover is invaluable if your instrument suddenly needs repairing or replacing. Thanks to our musical instrument insurance policies, you can replace your saxophone new for old if the item is less than 3 years old and bought new.

This will ensure that you’re not left short changed and can get back to being the next John Coltrane in no time.

Musicians and saxophone Public Liability insurance

If you take your saxophones on tour or play live in any capacity, Public Liability insurance is essential. Most venues will ask you or your manager for proof that you have this before even allowing you to play.

Public Liability Insurance will protect you from legal costs incurred as a result of injuring someone else at a gig, or causing damage to the venue you’re playing. Additionally, evidence of your insurance can be accessed by email within minutes, so you can show the venue you’re covered.

For any serious saxophone player, there’s no reason not to choose Insure4Music’s specialised saxophone insurance. Find out why we’re the best musical instrument insurance provider around.

Get a quote now or call 08000 469 859 to speak to a member of our team and get the cover you need to keep your saxophone protected.