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Equipment Cover

Specialist musical instrument insurance designed specifically for musicians

Some home insurance policies do not offer the cover musicians need or take into account how instruments are used. Instruments and equipment are often not insured when taken away from the home, yet we understand that leaving your equipment at home 100% of the time is unrealistic, especially if you are a touring musician, a DJ or performance artist.

In the event of the theft, loss or damage of your equipment we’ll replace items new for old if the item is less than 3 years old for instruments or 18 months for laptops and computers from the date of the loss if they were bought new . We also cover older instruments but they are replaced at their current market value. View a list of instruments we insure here.

Our specialist musical instrument and music equipment cover includes:

Theft from home

With Insure4Music, you could safeguard yourself from having to find the cash to replace your equipment. Thieves are extremely savvy as to how much equipment costs and how to sell it on without being caught, so the chances of finding your equipment again could be slim.

As long as all locks and alarms are functional and there is evidence of forced and violent entry or exit, you will be covered against theft. After you obtain a crime reference number and your claim is accepted we can arrange for replacements and, if applicable, rental hire in the meantime.

Theft away from home

With many home insurance policies your equipment would not be covered away from your insured location. This means your equipment is gone for good and you are left having to pay out for replacements.

With Insure4Music, you could save yourself thousands in the event your equipment is stolen. As long as your equipment is kept inside a safe building or kept within a locker or locked room within that building, your equipment is covered when taken away from home. We'll also insure up to £30,000 of equipment left in a secure studio.

This means at practice, on tour or at the venue, your equipment is covered.

Theft from a motor vehicle

We cover your equipment against theft when it is left unattended in a motor vehicle, even when left overnight. Whether you’re transporting your equipment in a car or a van, Insure4Music provides cover for your guitars, amps, pedals, brass instruments, drums, keyboards and everything else you need for your gig or performance.

With our musical instrument insurance, we’ll replace new for old if the item is less than three years old for instruments or 18 months for laptops and computers from the date of the loss if they were bought new . If the instrument is more than three years old, we will deal with the claim on an indemnity value basis or cost of repair.

Accidental damage

Our musician insurance protects your equipment from damage. Paying out for repairs can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

So why take the risk? Accidental damage cover means that if you drop your amp, smash your tuba or crush your keyboard, we can either repair or replace the equipment.

Plus, you'll also be covered for damage to hired or non-owned equipment provided there's a contract in place.

Malicious Damage

We believe that if damage is not your fault, you shouldn’t be forced to pay out for replacements or repairs.

If your instrument cannot be repaired or has been damaged to the point where it can no longer be used, we will replace the item and, with our performance cover, we can even cover the cost of equipment hire which will ensure you’re back to performing as soon as possible.

Loss of Earnings Cover

Our insurance policies have been designed with musicians in mind. If you are unable to perform at an event following an accident from your use of music, entertainment, sound or lighting equipment, we will cover your loss of earnings for a maximum of £750 per week for 52 weeks.

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