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Complete peace of mind for music teachers

If you teach others to play, then we know that you want to concentrate on your students getting their notes right, without worrying about what could go wrong.

Reasons to choose us:

Why do music teachers need insurance?

Our tailor-made policies mean you can choose the cover that best suits you. Check out our checklist below to see what cover you might need as a music teacher.

  • 1 Do you teach music to your pupils at your home or premises? Public Liability cover
  • 2 Do you teach music at your pupils home or premises? Public Liability cover
  • 3 Do you give out advice to pupils during your lesson? Professional Indemnity cover
  • 4 Do you want to protect your own musical equipment used for teaching against theft, loss or accidental damage? Equipment cover
  • 5 Do you take your musical equipment out of your home and in your vehicle? Equipment cover
  • 6 Do you own more than one musical instrument for teaching? Equipment cover

For more information on why music teachers need specialist music insurance, read our blog >

Our music teacher case studies

For any private music teacher providing lessons at their home, the student's home, or at a third party studio or practice space, insurance is absolutely essential to make sure your business is protected. Read on for examples of customers who need music teacher insurance for a variety of different reasons.

Emily, the piano teacher

Emily is a secondary school music teacher and also teaches private piano lessons at evenings and weekends for all levels of ability and experience. She mainly uses her own home for lessons, but sometimes holds sessions in student’s homes if they have access to an appropriate piano there.

Emily's need for specialist music insurance

Emily realised that insurance was a necessity when she heard about an accident that happened at a fellow private music teacher’s home, during a lesson. The student slipped over a rug getting up from the piano and banged his head, resulting in a head injury, a concussion and an injury to his shoulder, which required physiotherapy. This incident resulted in a compensation claim being made by the student’s parents. Fortunately, this music teacher had insurance, which highlighted to Emily that she also needed it in order to safely operate as a private piano teacher.

She chose Public Liability insurance, which meant that if a student had an accident whilst being taught in Emily’s home, she was protected against potential claims by up to £5 million.

Greg, the violin teacher

Greg is a retired former professional musician, who has travelled widely and performed with orchestras all over the world. Now he has retired, he teaches a few lessons a week to supplement his income, to individuals and groups, and uses a room in a local community centre to teach the sessions.

Greg’s need for specialist music insurance

Despite having toured and travelled as a musician for years with various orchestras. Greg only became aware of the need for music teacher insurance for himself when the practice space manager, at the community centre where he holds his lessons, asked to see his Public Liability insurance certificate before they would confirm the bookings, in line with their protocol.

As he is looking into it, Greg realised that as well as the legal requirements, especially with the increased risk because he holds his lessons in a third-party space, music teacher insurance is essential to protect himself and his equipment (music stands, practice violin and spare bow/ strings etc) from theft or damage too.

Jay, the guitar teacher

Jay is in a rock band and has a part time job in a high street shop to supplement his income until the band is ready to turn pro. He teaches guitar lessons in student’s homes as a way to earn a bit more money and because he enjoys sharing his passion for music with other enthusiasts.

Jay’s need for specialist music insurance

Jay teaches his lessons in the student’s homes, so he quickly discovered he would need Public Liability insurance to make sure he was covered in case he inadvertently damaged property in someone’s’ home, or in case anyone had an accident whilst he was teaching them. As Jay teaches both acoustic and electric guitar lessons, he also carries quite a lot of equipment around with him, including instruments and amps. For this reason, Jay also chose Equipment cover on his music teacher insurance policy and Performance cover, so, if any of his equipment breaks down he can hire alternatives and still fulfil his teaching commitments in the meantime.